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HIFU Method
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
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Prostate Fusion Biopsy
Minimally invasive diagnostic procedure
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Modern methods
of early prostate cancer detection
only available in HIFU CLINIC
4Kscore Test
Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
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SelectMDx Liquid Biopsy
Modern methods of early prostate cancer detection
Hydraulic penile implant
Penile prosthesis insertion
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Prostate cancer?
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  • the first center in Poland dedicated to comprehensive diagnostics and modern treatment of prostate cancer, where we use all of the available methods, including the use of the da Vinci robot and laparoscopic surgery - depending on the indications
  • a European leader in modern diagnostics of prostate cancer. We perform transperineal prostate fusion biopsy using the latest generation Trinity Koelis system for flexible real-time image fusion,
  • the first center in this part of Europe, which performs:
  • 4Kscore test - the only non-invasive screening test that can predict cancer 20 years in advance,
  • the urine based SelectMDx (liquid biopsy) genetic test, which allows non-invasive assessment of the validity of performing prostate biopsy,
  • over 25 doctors with many years of experience - provide full care at every stage of diagnosis, treatment and convalescence, including rehabilitation, dietary and psycho-oncological care (for the patient and his relatives).

We also carry out urological procedures, such as:

  • laparoscopic surgery of kidney tumors and a bladder tumors,
  • HoLEP laser enucleation,
  • endoscopic treatment of urolithiasis (RIRS),
  • narrowing and reconstruction of the urethra,
  • narrowing of the pyeloureteral junction,
  • implantation of artificial sphincters in the treatment of urinary incontinence,
  • elimination of spermatic cord varicose veins,
  • phimosis operations, as well as plastic surgery of the testicle and foreskin plastic surgery.
  • We treat erectile dysfunction and perform penile implant procedures.
  • We are the international reference center for Zephyr Surgical Implants.

At HIFU CLINIC, we also treat erectile dysfunction and perform penile implant procedures. We are the international reference center for Zephyr Surgical Implants. Our hallmark is the minimally invasive Robotic HIFU method.

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Patient opinions

  • In January 2020. my PSA test showed a very high result, which indicated cancer. This was also confirmed by the result of the first MRI. We urgently started looking for a clinic and a medical team that uses modern diagnostic and treatment methods. After searching on websites, the choice fell on HIFU CLINIC in Warsaw. We couldn't have chosen any Continue Reading
  • On the anniversary of my prostactomy, I would like to thank the entire HIFU CLINIC team for their care. I express my deep gratitude to A. Antoniewicz, MD, PhD for the performance of this work and subsequent treatment.
    Patient 2020
  • Our patient Jan Maślankowski was kind enough to tell us his story about his prostate cancer treatment process at HIFU CLINIC. He emphasizes the patient-doctor partner relation that he experienced and the high efficacy of the treatment process.  
    Jan Maślankowski
  • Kindness and competency of doctors I encountered in this clinic were a very pleasant surprise to me. Already at the first meeting Dr Czarniecki explained to me in a very clear way the principles of the HIFU method and provided clear answers to my questions. I've been here for 10 weeks...
    Stanisław Wapniarski
  • When I learned I had cancer, I wanted to learn more about the treatment. I found a clinic in Poland using the HIFU method. The whole staff - medical and administration - was like a family to me. I felt like being home. No rating can reflect what they did to me...
    Patient from Portugal
  • My wife talked me into doing tests, because earlier I had not had any symptoms. I had the surgery yesterday, I am already walking today and feel good. I can even smile. What is important is that no body functions were affected.
    Tadeusz Ossowski
  • I really liked doctors and girls from the medical staff... And on the more serious note - now I feel good. I do not know what life has in store, but at the moment it is good. And I want to thank you for everything.
    Patient from Odessa
  • I learnt that I had prostate cancer. I found the address of the HIFU CLINIC on the Internet and came for a free consultation. Dr Czarniecki told me I had to start the therapy immediately. I was operated...
    Andrzej Cyba
  • Life is governed by chances... I am one of those people who so far managed to avoid a closer contact with a "hospital". And then this happened. Due to an unpleasant ailment, a disorder affecting elderly men...
    Zbyszek Gardiasz
  • 6 months from the procedure: I am in great mood. I consider the urination frequency to be normal and related to amount of fluids drank or staying in the cod. However, sometimes this need is very pressing...
    Patient from Wrocław

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