Consultation with a psycho-oncologist

8What is the purpose of a psycho-oncological consultation?

Psychological support is a necessary component of every effective treatment - the disease affects not only the body, but also the mind. The best effects are obtained when treatment of the body is supplemented with professional psychological intervention.

By supplementing conventional treatment with appropriate psychotherapeutic intervention, the patients' survival length can even be doubled. It can also significantly improve quality of life.

What does the psycho-oncologist consultation involve?

During meetings with a psycho-oncologist Patients receive professional psychological support, and their supporting people - families, friends - can learn more about effective support and communication with a person with cancer, and about ways to control stress that always accompanies a serious disease.

Who should attend a psycho-oncologist consultation?

We recommend psycho-oncological consultations to Patients at each stage of prostate cancer diagnosing and treatment, as well as during recovery.

How can I arrange a consultation?

At the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre, psycho-oncological consultations are provided by Anna Długołęcka, MSc.

To arrange the treatment, please contact the Patient coordination department at: + 48 606 994 372 or by email:

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