Prostate cancer? Free on-line consultation

Rak prostaty? Bezpłatna konsultacja online

When a man learns he has cancer, first he is shocked, and then hundreds of questions appear, and sometimes it is difficult to find a clear answer to them. Oncological patients usually receive brief information concerning diagnostic and therapeutic procedures from their doctors, while nerves and stress related to this disease intensify their sense of helplessness and being lost. At the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre, we are of the opinion that this situation is unacceptable. Therefore, we provide a free contact with experienced doctors, who will answer all questions concerning cancer.

What does our support involve?

In response to the above problem, the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre - probably as the only clinic in Poland and this part of Europe - offers to patients a free initial consultation via e-mail. This form of consultation ensures for a patient and his family a quick access to qualified and experienced medical personnel, ready to provide exhausting information.

As a part of the free online initial consultation our medical team analyses medical records and all results of diagnostic tests sent by the patient. Then, they are used as a basis for individually selected recommendations for further diagnostics and treatment which we send back to the patient.

We are of the opinion that in treatment of cancer, time is of utmost importance, therefore, already on the first contact, each patient at the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre is assigned a specially selected Patient Coordinator, who will be responsible for facilitating the diagnostic and treatment process for the patient through:


  • assistance in collecting all required medical documentation;
  • arranging appointments to doctors and specialists, and for diagnostic tests;
  • assistance in arranging for patient's stay at a hospital when he is qualified for a hospital treatment as a consequence of the diagnostic process.

Prostate cancer? Free online consultation - how to use it?

For free medical consultation, please, send the information listed below to :

  • History of PSA levels dynamics and current results;
  • a result of histopathological examination of sections collected during correctly performed multicore prostate biopsy;
  • TRUS (transrectal ultrasound scan) assessment performed during biopsy.

If you do not have results of all tests listed above, please, send results of diagnostic tests performed to this date.

The free online initial consultation is also possible at early stages of diagnosing increased PSA levels, so do not hesitate. Contact us, and we will make all efforts possible to dispel your doubts and facilitate going through the diagnostic and treatment process.

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