Video opinions

Our patient Jan Maślankowski was kind enough to tell us his story about his prostate cancer treatment process at HIFU CLINIC.

The video shows a treatment of the HIFU CLINIC Patient who decided to have a penile prosthesis inserted.

The Patient, Mr Andrzej Cyba, tells about his experience associated with the diagnostic process and prostate cancer treatment at HIFU CLINIC.


A Patient from Portugal after HIFU procedure at the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre.

A Patient from Ukraine after HIFU procedure at the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre.

Statements of Mr and Mrs Ossowski are in the second half of the video.


Life is governed by chances... I am one of those people who so far managed to avoid a closer contact with a "hospital". This word referred to sphere which I knew only from opinions of people who got acquainted with hospital reality for various reasons. I will not be very original to say that those opinions were not encouraging. Then, I thanked the providence that I did not have to verify those opinions myself. And then it happened... Due to an unpleasant ailment, a disorder affecting elderly men... I went to see a urologist.

By the said chance, this was the nearest centre - HIFU CLINIC in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. And here the chance ends. The rest of my history is a series of events, of which I became a part. Life verifies our opinion about belonging to a group unaffected by problems with health. When the problems concern your health, your life takes a different turn. The only reasonable thought is... to be in good hands, trust your doctor. Laparoscopic prostatectomy - sounds serious, because the problem is serious.

To believe, to trust and to be convinced that this is a good decisions - these are the only thoughts at that time.

Today I am three months after the procedure. My body recovers. A stay at a hospital can be a pleasant memory, and contact with Dr Filipek and Dr Czarniecki cements your opinion that dedicated doctors save your health, but also remain in your memory.

- Patient HIFU CLINIC, Zbyszek Gardiasz

6 months from the procedure: I am in great mood. I consider the urination frequency to be normal and related to amount of fluids drank or staying in the cod. However, sometimes the need to urinate is very pressing, after the first is overcome, the successive come, and this may last for up to 30 minutes. Otherwise, there are and have been no other problems.

- Patient from Wrocław

I used online consultation at HIFU CLINIC. Dr. Stefan Czarniecki, in a few hours, analyzed my documentation and outlined the individual path of diagnostic procedures. This approach aroused great confidence and willingness to follow the suggested path. The diagnostic process started immediately and consulted with him. In the office, I met an open, sensitive, patient-focused doctor with passion, high competence, especially in the field of innovative technologies in urology, deeply interested in patient's problems and devoted search for solutions to his problems. Dr Czarniecki has a unique ability to relieve the stress of a doctor's office. It is hard not to trust such a doctor, so I trust and follow the path that dr Czarniecki is creating.

- Patient from Warsaw

On the anniversary of my prostactomy, I would like to thank the entire HIFU CLINIC team for their care. I express my deep gratitude to A. Antoniewicz, MD, PhD for the performance of this work and subsequent treatment.

- Patient 2020

In January 2020. my PSA test showed a very high result, which indicated cancer. This was also confirmed by the result of the first MRI. We urgently started looking for a clinic and a medical team that uses modern diagnostic and treatment methods.
After searching on websites, the choice fell on HIFU CLINIC in Warsaw. We couldn't have chosen any better.
Full of concerns, we contacted Mrs. Joanna Sitnik, Patient Care Coordination Director. Her interest in the patient, cordiality and empathy aroused in us the feeling of gaining real help, which we receive to this day.
During the first consultation, Stefan Czarniecki, MD made a preliminary analysis of my medical records and indicated the course of action and further diagnostic tests, including fusion biopsy, which he himself carried out.
I did not feel any discomfort during and after the test.
After not very comforting biopsy results, together with Artur Antoniewicz, MD, PhD and the remaining HIFU CLINIC team, pharmacological treatment was chosen for me, preparing me for a radical prostatectomy surgery.
After more than six months of treatment, the PSA level returned to normal, and the repeated MRI examination showed regression of the neoplastic prostate lesion.
I would especially like to thank Stefan Czarniecki, MD for professionalism and commitment during our contacts and consultations. I wish each patient a meeting with a doctora that is so empathetic, open and full of commitment and concern in solving the patient's health problems.
I would also like to thank Artur Antoniewicz, MD, PhD and Artur Przewor, MD, PhD for performing radical prostatectomy assisted by the Da Vinci robot, and Marek Filipek, MD, PhD and the entire HIFU CLINIC team for the entire successful treatment process.
Great doctors save health, but also remain in memory.
I would like to express my thanks to the nurse, Mrs. Anna Czarniecka, for the wonderful care during my stay in the hospital.
I am currently seven months after surgery. Well-being and PSA results - very good.

- Patient from Siedlce