4KSCORE® molecular test

Do you want to confirm, well in advance, whether you do not have prostate cancer? Are you at a stage of considering the first or repeat biopsy and you do not know what to do? HIFU CLINIC recommends to you the 4Kscore® Molecular Test.

This test allows to predict development of clinically significant prostate cancer even more than ten years in advance, and it is an excellent tool to determine whether there is a need for the first or repeat biopsy.

What does the 4Kscore® Molecular Test involve?

The 4Kscore® Test is the first tool helping in making a decision whether it is necessary to perform a biopsy in Patients with strong genetic predispositions or with correct PSA levels. It is a blood test based on algorithm and evaluating four plasma kallikreins.

This test allows to predict development of clinically significant prostate cancer even more than ten years in advance, thus ensuring optimal monitoring and testing to diagnose the disease at its early stage, when recovery is possible.


What is the purpose of the 4Kscore® Molecular Test?

The 4Kscore® Molecular Test is the only blood test which very precisely identifies a risk for development of aggressive prostate cancer, before a prostate biopsy is performed.

The 4Kscore®Test provides urologists with percentage risk assessment concerning prostate cancer development. This assessment can be used for a constructive and reliable Patient consultation aiming at determining further treatment.


Download an example of a 4Kscore® Test report.

Who should consider having the 4Kscore® Molecular Test?

Every man not yet diagnosed with prostate cancer can undergo the 4Kscore® Test. Furthermore, men undergoing qualification for the first or repeat biopsy are also candidates for the 4Kscore® Test.
Please, consult Urologists at HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre using the free online consultation, to learn whether your medical history excludes you from the 4Kscore® Test.

Contraindications to the 4Kscore® Test include taking finasteride derivatives during 6 months preceding the test. Please, click below to see the list of finasteride derivatives that exclude the Patient from the test.

List of medicines representing contraindications to 4Kscore® Test.

How can I arrange a scan?

To arrange the appointment, please contact the Patient coordination department: Marcin Zyskowski +48 606 994 372 or by email: contact@hifuclinic.eu.

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