Oncology portal zwrotnikraka.pl reports a press breakfast “Men’s Issues”

Oncology portal zwrotnikraka.pl reported a press breakfast "Men's Issues". With great pleasure we noted portal’s coverage, as well as highly appreciated the activity of supporting the education of prevention and treatment of cancer. You can read the article by clicking the link below:


Oncology portal zwrotnikraka.pl is the biggest website concerning oncology (psycho-oncology) dedicated to cancer patients, their relatives and families, medical students, health professionals and anyone interested in the subject of cancer. Oncology portal zwrotnikraka.pl was founded in 2012. Currently it is visited by 197 000 users per month (data for November 2015). Zwrotnikraka.pl has a reputation as a reliable, kind, independent and objective source of information. Portal managed to gather a large and active community of people involved in oncology.

The theme of the press breakfast "Men's Issues" was prostate cancer. Discussion focused on the detection, the newest diagnostics and release of 4KScore test. In Poland, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, after lung cancer.

Early detection of prostate cancer has important clinical relevance for the treatment results and offers the best chance of a full recovery. About  revolutionary 4Kscore®Test is recently loud in Polish media. You can read about it at main Polish information portals like: OnetGazeta WyborczaGazeta Dziennik and Polish Radio 4Kscore®Testbesides Warsaw is available at just 3 European centers of Europe, in London, Milan and Barcelona.

Commentators and participants of the meeting agreed that the expertise of doctors from HIFU Clinic Dr. Marek Filipek and Dr. Stefan W. Czarniecki was on the highest level. They spoke with passion, commitment and behaved standards that exist every day in their contact with the patient.

The first meeting "Prostate Cancer" was conducted with the participation of special guest Konrad Jaskóła - former chairman of Polimex-Mostostal, construction and engineering companiy, employing more than fourteen thousand people. All participants of press breakfast received a book about Mr. Dr. Konrad Jaskóła. It is worth noting that the introduction to the book was written by former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, and recommended among other personalities of the largest Polish business format: prof. Andrzej K. Kozminski, expert in management and Mateusz Morawiecki, former CEO of Bank Zachodni WBK, the current deputy prime minister, who speaks about Konrad Jaskóła as follows: "He requires as much as he give. In business, the foundation of success is creative inspiration and discipline, consistently forging into action. " It turns out that precisely this attitude allowed him to overcome the disease.