Life after cancer

Cancer is always connected with surprise, fear of death and comfort of further life and re-evaluation of existing priorities. Job, money, family and sex often change places, which used to take in patient’s head. The most important become survival and recovery.

Many patients try to find the beginning of disease, remember when they began to have health problems. They analyze their and their relatives history, but after the fact, such findings are not that important.

The most important is prevention

Currently on medical market there is a molecular test, which can predict cancer occurrence up to twenty years in advance and support the choice of diagnostic procedure. The test is called 4Kscore and is already available in HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre.

Unfortunately not every man decide to undergo the test early – causes are different. The incidence of cancer is still quite big, and the effects of the disease can be very serious.

One of the results of cancer is a libido decrease and sexual dysfunction. Especially attention to them draws Monika Staruch, M.Sc.,in psychology and sexology from HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre. Some disorders may be temporary, others - irreversible. Still, the range of methods used for their treatment is still growing.

Holistic approach

First of all, we must remember that most of the problems lies not in the crotch, but the patient's head. They are the result of fear, shame and the desire to hide body mutilated by a surgery - as subconsciously perceives the process of healing the male brain.

It is the psyche where the therapy needs to be started. However, some of the damage caused by the activity of the tumor or the necessary measures surgeons aimed at saving the lives of the patient, are mechanical. Ms Staruch recommends Renova method for patients with erectile dysfunction, allowing to restore vascularization of the penis and giving a significant improvement in the quality of sexual life and acceptance of one's own body after surgery.

For other groups of patients, there is another solution, which is the implantation of the penis. Because the treatment is not only saving lives, but also providing it with an appropriate level.