Treatment is new quality of life

Cancer is one of the biggest challenge for human’s body. Often, even after treatment, problems do not disappear - cancer affects not only our health but also the perception of our own body and sex life. Cancer detected early enough gives a chance for full recovery.

However, process of fighting the disease can result in erectile dysfunction or impotence. Fortunately, we are now able to minimize side effects of prostate gland removal (radical prostatectomy).

Progress at fingertips

Thanks to the latest technology, the Swiss team of scientists has created a Zephyr implant, which enables the achievement of a full, satisfying erection for men after cancer treatment.
This three-part device, completely hidden in the body of the patient, not only helps to achieve an erection, but also do not change the feeling of orgasm and remains transparent to a partner.

Zephyr is a medical leap forward, allowing men after radical prostatectomy have a satisfying sex life. Doctors from HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre – Marek Filipek MD, PhD., and Stefan W. Czarniecki MD, are the only specialists in Poland who successfully implant Zephyr.

Cancer is not death sentence

Of course we must not forget, that prophylactics and early detection of cancer is essential. Examinations results can be consulted online in our clinic. However we must remember that cancer is not a death sentence – it is a dangerous disease, but contemporary medicine can treat it successfully.

Modern treatment methods like HIFU or Zephyr implantation allow us to win a fight against cancer. We never give up and whole life search for new solutions, so our patients quickly forget about the disease.