4Kscore test is now available in Poland

Since July 2015 the advanced diagnostic test 4KScore is available in Poland. It allows not only to detect the aggressive prostate cancer, but also to estimate the risk of prostate cancer occurrence up to twenty years in advance.

4KScore test is a groundbreaking diagnostic tool that is widely used in the prevention and early diagnostics of one of the most common cancer in men.

4Kscore test in HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre

HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre is the first and the only place in Poland where molecular test 4Kscore is available. Molecular 4Kscore test is a perfect diagnostic solution for men with genetic load (when they have first- or second-degree relative with prostate tumor).

Test 4Kscore is also used to decide if biopsy is necessary as well as to improve the measurements of prostate cancer aggressiveness. Patients undergoing active surveillance can also benefit from this new diagnostic tool.

Test 4Kscore is currently the best screening diagnostic test - there is a high probability that in the coming years, 4Kscore will replace the classic PSA test.