Test 4Kscore is the first test in the world which allows to predict prostate cancer occurrence up to twenty years in advance.

In mid-July, 2015 HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre( in cooperation with Medical Centre AMEDS ( as the first clinics in Poland have performed revolutionary molecular test 4Kscore. The test allows to predict aggressive prostate cancer occurrence up to twenty years in advance..

Groundbreaking diagnostic test 4Kscore

4Kscore is currently the most advanced method of laboratory diagnosis of prostate cancer used in urology and oncology. Over the last year the test met with approval of clinical companies and became a regular procedure of urologists and oncologists in the USA. 4Kscore also gives hope to improve the sensitivity of commonly used PSA test determinants. Making 4Kscore test available for Polish patients is undoubtedly a major step forward in the diagnosis and prevention of prostate cancer in our country.

Currently, tests are held regularly, once every two weeks.

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