Żaneta Rybak, MSc

Żaneta Rybak, MSc is a dietician, she completed her studies on Dieting and Human Nutrition at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW. She is a member of the Polish Dietician Association. She also completed her postgraduate studies on Coaching at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Żaneta Rybak, MSc completed a series of workshops organized by the Polish Dietician Association and certified by MEN:

  • “Nutrition in medical conditions”
  • “Dietotherapy in lifestyle diseases”
  • “Nutrition and supplementation in sport”
  • "Nutrition and dieting for children and young people”

Żaneta Rybak, MSc strives to improve her qualifications by attending various seminars and dietician workshops. She specializes in the prevention and treatment of chronic non-infectious diseases (so called lifestyle or diet-dependent diseases) such as: prostate cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and most hormone dependent disorders. She has also had success in working with people with eating disorders – primarily anorexia and bulimia. Her main work goals are: the prevention of diet-dependent diseases caused by improper nutrition and dietary management of existing medical conditions such as hypertension or obesity.

Working as a dietician is not only her job but is also her passion. She enjoys helping people and observing their weight loss progress and their return to good health. Żaneta Rybak, MSc strives to help her Patients understand their dietary needs and to create dietary plans suitable for their lifestyles. Thus, an important aspect of her work is motivating her Patients to maintain positive change in 3 aspects of their lives: nutrition, dietary behavior and adherence to dietary guidance.