Mirosław Burak MD, PhD

Mirosław Burak MD, PhD graduated from the medical department of the Pomorski Medical University in Szczecin in 1998. In 2007, he completed his specialization in radiology and diagnostic imaging. In 2012, he completed his doctorate and defended his thesis titled “Przydatność 64-warstwowej tomografii komputerowej do oceny krwiaków przestrzeni zewnątrzotrzewnowej u pacjentów ze złamaniami kości miednicy”.

Since 2008 he is involved in the evaluation of CT and MRI studies in multicentre phase II and phase III clinical trials involving the treatment of various cancers including: kidney, large intestine, ovary and breast cancers as well as lymphomas. Since 2014 he evaluates prostate gland MRI on 3T MRI machines. In 2015, he completed a workshop on “Prostate Image Analysis” organized by the ‘European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicien and Biology’’. The workshop was also attended by J. Barentsz co-creator of the PI-RADS prostate evaluation system. Mirosław Burak, MD, PhD also attended the prostate imaging workshop “PI-RADS for Prostate Cancer – in Practice” (led by prof. Anwar Padhani). In his spare time doctor Mirosław Burak enjoys sailing, traveling and photography.