Łukasz Zapała, MD, PhD

Łukasz Zapała, MD, PhD is an urologist and Fellow of the European Board of Urology. He graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw with the highest rank in the 2nd Medical Division. He completed his residency in the Interdisciplinary Hospital Warsaw-Miedzylesie (an EBU Certified Training Center) under supervision of ass. prof. Artur A. Antoniewicz, FEBU. Dr. Zapała has successfully completed several international examinations and has been granted with the title of FEBU (Fellow of the European Board of Urology). His PhD thesis on „The use of murine stable dendritic cell line JAWSII in melanoma immunotherapy in mice” was defended at Department of Immunology, Center of Biostructure Research of Medical University of Warsaw.

Dr Zapała is also an author and co-author of several urological publications, published in both international and Polish scientific journals. He is a reviewer of Central European Journal of Urology and American Research Journal of Urology, as well. He is a member of Polish and European Associations of Urology. For the last years he has been a valuable member of hospital teams specializing in clinical trials in the field of bladder and prostate cancer.

What is more, dr Zapała speaks English fluently, and has translated the EAU guidelines on Prostate Cancer from English into Polish for Polish Urological Association. He has also collaborated as a medical consultant in the script translation of the well-known TV series „House, MD”. Dr. Zapała specializes in diagnostics and treatment of urological diseases, and he is especially interested in urooncology and functional urology. He performs urodynamic studies in patients with lower urinary tract abnormalities and dysfunctions, with a special regard to men with urinary incontinence.