The world’s first treatment in urology using MedApp’s mixed reality

On the 15th of April Stefan W. Czarniecki, MD, FEBU - the Chair of the Urology Department and Innovation Director at HIFU Clinic Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre and Marek Filipek MD, PhD - Medical Director met with members of #MedApp's Team Małgorzata Herman-Mokrysz and Jakub Kasprzak to witness the possibilities of the #CarnaLifeHolo application and discuss the preoperative and intraoperative use cases in robotic urology. This was the first ever demonstration of the technology to augment a da Vinci surgery - during a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in the advanced treatment of prostate cancer.

We are rightfully impressed at HIFU CLINIC UROLOGY I 10 YEARS with the clear potential to augment patient outcomes, not only in routine surgical planning, but particularly in salvage surgery settings - in all access scenarios - robotic, laparoscopic, and open.