First penile implant surgery in medicover hospital


On 8th August 2015 HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre medical team supervised by Marek Filipek, MD, PhD., performed the first penile implant surgery in Medicover Hospital. Implantation of penile prosthesis is currently the only available method, which eventually solves the problem of erectile dysfunction,, regardless of age and burden of disease of the patient..

In the procedure surgeons implanted the hydraulic penile implant of the latest generation Zephyr Surgical Implant 475. Implant consists of three components (2 inflatable cylinders, a reservoir and a manual pump) and can be adjusted to individual patient’s anatomy. Its functionality enables to effectively replicate the natural mechanism of erection. Zephyr Surgical Implant 475 is easy to use and has a high mechanical strength parameter which ensures its reliability and durability.

In the USA penile implant surgeries are commonly performed simultaneously or after the radical prostatectomy to prevent erectile dysfunction, which can be a side effect of surgeries conducted within prostate gland, colon and surrounding anatomic structures. It should be noted that the available scientific literature indicates a higher satisfaction of sexual life in patients with an an implanted penile implant compared to patients taking oral pills or injections directly into the cave-like bodies of the penis.

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