Dr Llorens visited Medicover Hospital – we deepen international cooperation.

Christophe Llorense, MD, Ph.D., a urologist and founder of Swiss ZEPHYR Surgical Implants company met with the leader of HIFU Clinic medical team - Marek Filipek, MD, Ph.D., and with Stefan Czarniecki, MD.

The meeting of the doctors in Poland is an introduction to strengthen further cooperation between HIFU Clinic and medical centers in Switzerland.

Power of experience

This kind of meetings are always an opportunity to share experience. Christophe Lorens, who conducted about 500 penile implantations and over 1700 artificial urinary sphincter placements is truly interested in the development and adaptation of these procedures by the Polish surgeons urologists.

Dr Marek Filipek hopes, that this kind of cooperation will increase the life quality of patients suffering from side effects of oncology treatment. Particularly important here is the case of returning to sexual function men, thanks to the rebuilt confidence and acceptance of their bodies, have greatly increased chances of a full recovery from cancer and overall health improvement. This type of convalescence enables penile implant procedure - one of the most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction in patients not responding to medical therapy, which was just discussed by the two doctors.

Treatment of future

The achievements of Dr. Christophe Llorens in a field of urology are supported by the technology straight from the future. Represented by him Swiss team ZEPHYR Surgical Implants is one of the most advanced medical centers of its kind in Europe. ZSI designs, makes and implant the most modern sphincter and penile prosthesis in the world. In recent years, through medical research, ZSI significantly raised the quality of life of many thousands of people.

ZEPHYR team though never rests. At the moment, they initiated the resaerch on pediatric implants, in order to treat the youngest patients.