Aggressive prostate cancer diagnostics – MRI-TRUS fusion guided biopsy

On 9-10.09.2015 Stefan W. Czarniecki, MD, deputy medical director of the HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre team, participated in lecture concerning MRI-TRUS fusion guided biopsy at the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany. Prostate biopsy using magnetic resonance imaging has a growing importance in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. This method is valid before the first but also after the first negative prostate biopsy in a detection of aggressive prostate cancer.

Aggressive prostate cancer diagnostics – what are the advantages of MRI-TRUS fusion guided biopsy?

MRI-TRUS fusion guided biopsy enables more accurate “navigation” during diagnostics than classic prostate gland biopsy. Classic method is controlled only via TRUS - transrectal ultrasound while the application of MRI-TRUS fusion results in increased aggressive prostate cancer detection rate. MRI-TRUS also provides the possibility of reducing the number of slices taken at biopsy. It is one of the most modern solutions in the contemporary urologic oncology diagnostics.

In addition, images obtained in the magnetic resonance imaging make it easier for the doctor performing biopsy to identify areas potentially affected by cancer. It increases the chance of proper material collection, which is essential for the detection of aggressive prostate cancer and appropriate choice of treatment.

Aggressive prostate cancer diagnostics – prostate biopsy in HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre

Before prostate biopsy in HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre every patient passes MRI and obtains PI-RADS assessment.. It is an advanced diagnostic examination that allows quick and reliable assessment of the cancer progress, lymph node status and the prostate. Results of this examination are used later in the prostate biopsy, which makes the diagnostic process more reliable and quicker.

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