This small gland has a very important role in a man's body. The prostate produces whitish alkaline fluid in which sperm is suspended. This secretion produced by the prostate is one of the main components of sperm, and is of crucial importance for male fertility.

Where is the prostate located?

The prostate, not larger than a normal chestnut, is an organ necessary for correct function of male body. Therefore, it is very important to ensure its correct function. The gland, located below the urinary bladder, is very close to the rectal wall, so it is possible to examine it per rectum or to perform an ultrasound scan by inserting the ultrasound probe in the rectum. Similarly, the HIFU method used at our centre exploits this advantageous, from the doctor's point of view, location of the prostate.

Is there anything to worry about?

As the gland is located near the urinary bladder, very often problems with normal urination are first signs worrying Patients. Have you noticed any of the symptoms listed below? See your doctor immediately


• problems with starting to urinate;
• poor and broken stream of urine;
• dribbling urination;
• pain or burning sensation during urination;
• pollakiuria and a need to urinate during the night;
• urgent need to urinate (urinary urgency);
• erectile dysfunctions.

Those symptoms may reflect benign prostatic hyperplasia or cancer. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is a disease developing very slowly, without any symptoms during its first stages. Therefore, prevention, care for one's health, and regular determination of the PSA factor are of utmost importance. Do not avoid visits to a doctor - an urologist is a specialist that can help you, and sometimes, save your life.