Prostate cancer is known for being rather mild - develops very slowly and relatively late, giving metastasis or exhibiting the infiltration of surrounding tissues. This is the reason why it is essential to regularly examine the PSA factor and care for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, in Poland still too often this cancer is diagnosed in advanced stages, with a much worse prognosis.

Am I at risk?

Prostate cancer is directly related to age and occurs most often in patients in age over 60. This is probably related to aging processes, imperfect repair of damaged cells and hormonal changes In younger men prostate cancer is detected much less frequently (patients under 40 constitute a negligible percentage), but if recognized proceeds for them more maliciously and has a worse prognosis therefore require aggressive treatment.

Susceptibility to prostate cancer may also be genetically conditioned. If anyone in your family suffered from the cancer, be sure to contact a urologist. It can save your life. Now, with the introduction of 4Kscore test, it is possible to predict the occurrence of cancer even twenty years in advance, which gives a very high chance of a complete recovery.

Is it possible to prevent the disease?

Because tumor development is affected by lifestyle and environment, it is good to remember about the salutary effect of a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins present in many fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. It is also important to reduce the consumption of alcohol alcohol and processed food containing preservatives and artificial colorants. Worth considering is also limiting consumption of food containing saturated fats such as red meat and putting in exchange a menu of unsaturated fatty acids, present eg. in vegetable oils and fish.

Good eating habits not only have a positive impact on your whole body but also preventively increase the efficiency of prostate. Choosing a Mediterranean or far Asian diet is a simple and tasty way to help your body.

Don’t be afraid of a doctor

Remember to regularly inspect your body. If you notice any worrying symptoms, such as as difficulty urinating, erectile dysfunction or blood in the urine,immediately go to a specialist who will correctly diagnose the problem and help you in the treatment process. It is not always the cancer, sometimes only benign prostate hyperplasia. Just never underestimate the alerts of your own body.

You can also consult the result of examination online for free with specialists from HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre. We will dispel your doubts and, if necessary, propose the most appropriate treatment method for you.