Think about the future

How serious may be the threat to your health? Research shows that prostate cancer is one of the tumours most frequently observed among men. It causes 8% of deaths among Polish men. It takes the third stand in terms of mortality rate (after lung carcinoma and gastric cancer) and is the second most frequently observed cancer among men (after lung carcinoma and before colorectal cancer). Prostate cancer cases pose 13% of all cancers detected among Polish men and this number is still rising, unfortunately.

The causes of cancer

What is the cancer caused by? Scientists discovered a dependence between the cancer’s development and the production of testosterone, which is, after all, indispensable for the organism functioning properly. Excessive concentration of this hormone may influence the development of prostate cancer, still the research results are not unambiguous in this matter. Any perturbation in hormonal economy and the overproduction of testosterone may lead to prostatic hyperplasia and, theoretically, even to cancer. The proof for this is the fact that prostate cancer is not observed among men who, for various reasons, had they testicles removed before puberty.

To prevent the disease, several basic methods are worth applying:

Leading healthy lifestyle is one of the key elements of prostate cancer prevention. Spend more time moving, practice regularly any physical activity (at least half an hour five times a week) and avoid sedentary lifestyle.

Give up smoking!It has been proved that smokers diagnosed with prostate cancer are undertaking far more serious risk of death than those who doesn’t smoke.

Constrain consumption of alcohol and have a healthy diet. . Concerning epidemiological research, limiting animal fats and products containing saturated fats seems to be most significant. It is worth it to replace them by unsaturated fats (present particularly in fish), fruits and vegetables (rich of vitamins and antioxidants), as well as by other products containing vitamins E, D and beta-carotene. According to the latest results, the consumption of tomatoes and their preserves is especially advisable, since they are rich of lycopene. This substance is an antioxidant, which not only helps to protect prostate gland cells from the damaging influence of carcinogens but also prevents these cells from irregular transformation and growth. The products containing containing selenium, retinoids and isoflavones, such as cereals, fish and shellfish are important to. It is probably the proper diet which is responsible for smaller prevalence of prostate cancer among Chinese and Japanese.

Do not be afraid of medical consultation. If any signs are worrying you or if you have any queries regarding private parts, visit a specialist (urologist) and get professional advice. The doctor will help you solve your problems and, if necessary, undertake appropriate measures.