Professor Markus Hohenfellner, MD, PhD

Markus Hohenfellner is Professor of Urology and Director of the Department of Urology of the University Hospital Heidelberg.

The Scientific and clinical focus of Markus Hohenfellner is urologic oncology and tumor surgery, minimally invasive urology including robotics and continent reconstruction of the lower urinary tract. The Department of Urology Heidelberg covers the entire spectrum of modern urology including prevention, early detection, ultraradical tumor surgery, minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery (Da Vinci) lower urinary tract dysfunction, pediatric urology, stone therapy and andrology.

In the translational perspective, the Department of Urology Heidelberg has implemented a section of Molecular Urooncology, directed by Prof. Stefan Duensing. It is renown research institution on its own as well as critical gateway to relevant basic science institutions and working groups.

Hohenfellner is a member of several national and international urological societies and author or co-author of numerous scientific publications and book chapters, as well as publisher of two urological science books. He has been awarded scientific prizes of various national and international urological societies, including the European Thesis Award - the prize for the best habilitation thesis of the European Association of Urology - and Maximilian Nitze price - the highest scientific prize of the German Society of Urology.

In 2015 he introduced "Semi-Live" as a new format to communicate surgical science.

Markus Hohenfellner is active volunteer in various medical societies such as the German Continence Society and the German Cancer Aid Foundation. He is governs the European Foundation for Urology (EFU), which e.g. supports tumor research and training of doctors in emerging countries.