Profesor Józef Haczyński MD, PhD

Profesor Józef Haczyński MD, PhD is an outstanding sexologist and specialist in internal medicine. Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge, his approach to male sexual health issues is holistic. It allows him to make an appropriate diagnosis and implement treatment. Professor Haczyński has tools to search for the sources of problems not only in the mental sphere, but also in somatic ailments and medications taken by the patient.

Professor Haczyński is a graduate of medical studies at the Medical University of Wrocław and the author of numerous publications. They include scientific texts, reports from conventions and chapters in scientific books. An important branch of his activity is the role of an academic teacher. As a lecturer, he became an educator and mentor for his students, and as a promoter of medical knowledge, he deals with journalism and is often a guest on the Polish Radio.

Sexologist Józef Haczyński specializes in:

  • diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • diagnosis and treatment of lowered libido
  • diagnosis and treatment of premature ejaculation