Martyna Romanowska-Naimska, MSC

Martyna Romanowska-Naimska, MSC is a physiotherapist specializing in the treatment of urological, gynecological and proctological disorders.

In her work, she focuses on identifying the patient's individual needs and creating personalized therapeutic plans.

She started her physiotherapeutic work with therapeutic massage, which she studied at the Atlanta School of Massage in the USA. After returning to Poland, she graduated Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at the Higher Medical School in Podkowa Leśna, and is currently continuing her Master's degree studies at the Medical University of Warsaw.

Physiotherapist Martyna Romanowska-Naimska has taken part in a number of trainings, among others under the supervision of Loic and Marina Dabbadie - the founders of the renowned French pelvic floor  physiotherapy school - EIRPP, Bartłomiej Burzyński PhD and Maura Seleme PhD from Brazil.

She regularly participates in trainings, symposia, conferences and exchanges both in Poland and abroad. During the XXII Urological Conference "Urosilesiana" in Szczyrk she had the pleasure to present the topic "Physiotherapeutic management of the overreactive bladder syndrome".

She conducts meetings and workshops for patients pertaining to intimate health and the possibility of physiotherapy in disorders such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain syndromes, sexological disorders and pelvic floor re-education after childbirth.

In 2017, as a laureate of a competition organized by the Aenon Foundation, she completed a practical internship at a renowned pelvic floor disorders clinic in Paris.

Martyna Romanowska-Naimska, MSC is a member of the IUGA - Intrernational Urogynecological Association, ICS - International Continence Society and IPPS - International Pelvic Pain Society.

She consults and conducts therapy in Polish and English.