Katarzyna Andrusikiewicz

Katarzyna Andrusikiewicz is the Marketing Director at HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Center.

The Marketing Department of HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Center is where creativity reigns, leading to constant development and improvement of quality as well as professional functioning. Katarzyna Andrusikiewicz is responsible for creating strategies to support HIFU CLINIC, taking care of the brand image and public relations. In her work she values ​​the possibility of direct influence on the development  and professional image of the brand.

Katarzyna Andrusikiewicz is a psychologist, she graduated with a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of SWPS in Warsaw. She gained her professional experience in polish and international companies among others in Orange Polska. She has clinical experience from Warsaw hospitals, at the following locations;

  • Mazovian Hospital of Bródno
  • Praski Hospital
  • Warsaw Rehab Center

She is a graduate of Addiction and Co-dependence Therapy in the Institute of Psychology of Health in Warsaw, Poland. She also currently works clinically with patients.

Thanks to her experience in marketing and clinical work, she perfectly understands the uniqueness of the medical industry and the needs of patients, which allows for reliable campaigning and marketing strategies and professional image building of HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Center.

Katarzyna Andrusikiewicz is the youngest member of the HIFU CLINIC Team.