Joanna Sitnik

At the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre Joanna Sitnik is the Head of the Patient Coordination Department.

The Patient Coordination Department is a very important component of our Clinic, where Joanna Sitnik plays a crucial role, monitoring quality of comprehensive, professional, and patient-friendly organisation of diagnostics and treatment through, for example, providing efficient and reliable information, and optimising dates. To meet individual requirements of each patient, Joanna ensures that the Patient Coordination Department is at Patient's disposal and is friendly, while information is provided to the Patient at every stage, in a professional and comprehensive way.

By education, Joanna Sitnik is a salesperson, and she gained her experience in customer service in the international group Unilever, where she worked for 12 years. Earlier she worked in the health care sector as a manager of rehabilitation stays at Care and Treatment Institution "Leśna Ustroń" in Tuczno. While working at that institution, apart from ensuring quality of patient service she was responsible for organising stay programmes adapted to patients' needs and expectations.

In Joanna's opinion, the most valuable aspects of her work are contact and cooperation with patients, and thus, comprehensive approach, quality of information flow, and undertaking of any activities to ensure complete satisfaction of our patients.