Albert Gugała, MD

FEBU urology specialist, certified da Vinci robot operator. Member of the Polish Association of Urology and the European Association of Urology

Education: Medical University of Lublin (2001), specialization and FEBU title - Medical University of Warsaw (2013)
Training and certification: DaVinci X robot operations - prof. Alex Mottrie - president of the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) (Aalast Belgium).
Assistant at the Department of General, Functional and Oncological Urology at the Medical University of Warsaw (2004-2013)
Deputy Head of the Department of Urology, Mazovia Hospital in Legnica (2016-2020)
Visiting operator at the Urology Department of the Mazovia Hospital in Kozienice.
Head of the Urology Department at the Ambroziak Hospital in Piaseczno (2016-present)
Consultant urologist operator Mazovia Hospital in Warsaw (2010-2020)
Consultant urologist operator LuxMed Szpital Puławska 455 from 2020.

His main interests are the diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases:

  • prostate cancer - surgical treatment with all available methods (classic prostatectomy, laparoscopic, 3D-laparoscopic, robotic - DaVinci X robot) - unique, personalized qualification for the appropriate type of treatment of advanced disease, including the most modern drugs in clinical trials;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia - full range of pharmacological and surgical diagnostics and treatment (TUMT, TURP, TURPiS, TULEP, HoLEP, classical adenomectomy, 3D laparoscopic adenomectomy, DaVinci X robotic adenomectomy);
  • prostatitis - pharmacological and surgical treatment (thermotherapy, BOTOX injections).


  • urinary incontinence in women - diagnostics including urodynamic examination, pharmacological treatment, surgical treatment (TOT, TVT), treatment of urolithiasis - conservative and surgical (URSL, laser cystolithotripsy, laparoscopic ureterolithotomy), treatment of bladder neoplastic diseases (TURT, cystectomy),
  • treatment of neoplastic diseases of the kidney (NSS, nephrectomy).