Agnieszka Chomicz, MD

Agnieszka Chomicz, MD is a specialist in urology, clinical andrology, she is also a specialist in the field of urological ultrasound, an author of scientific reports and publications, and editor of the official bimonthly periodical of the Polish Urological Association - "Urological Review", in which she runs the sections "Clinical Urology" and "Clinical Andrology". She obtained the prestigious international FEBU title (Fellow of the European Board of Urology) and the "USG in urology" certificate issued by the Polish Ultrasound Society.

She completed her urology specialization in Germany and Poland. Part of the specialization training was completed in Kiel at the Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel - under the supervision of Prof. Klaus-Peter Jünemann, MD, PhD. She completed her specialization at the Międzyleski Specialist Hospital in Warsaw under the supervision of the current National Consultant in the field of urology and the Head of the Urology Department at the MSSW - Artur A. Antoniewicz, MD, PhD. In 2018, she passed the specialization exam in urology obtaining the title of the Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU).

Agnieszka Chomicz’s, urological interests are the constantly evolving fusion techniques in modern diagnostics of prostate cancer, penile surgery, aesthetic urology, andrology, urological ultrasonography and uroradiology. Her interest in modern diagnostics of prostate cancer developed during her training at UKSH in Germany, where prostate biopsies were performed under the control of elastography and histoscaning.

In order to constantly expand her knowledge and skills, Agnieszka Chomicz, MD has completed numerous training courses in London, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Florence, Prague, Kiel and more. She completed many foreign courses in the field of prostate fusion biopsy and multiparameteric magnetic resonance imaging at the European School of Urology and the European Society of Urogenital Radiology. As one of the first and few people, she began to perform modern prostate fusion biopsies on a larger scale in our country, guided by the fusion of TRUS and mpMRI images – this work was made possible by the Head of the Urology Department of the MSSW in Warsaw, Artur A. Antoniewicz, MD, PhD, who pioneered this new technology and educated his medical team in this field. Work on fusion biopsies at the MSSW in Warsaw was crowned with the publication of a richly illustrated article in the Urological Review, as well as the publication of the film during the Scientific Congress of the Polish Urological Association in 2016.

Another area of ​​interest to doctor Agnieszka Chomicz is diagnostic and surgical urological ultrasound. She performs over 2000 ultrasound examinations a year, including penile ultrasound, sonorethrography (male urethral ultrasound), TRUS, urinary system ultrasound and scrotum ultrasound. Due to the fact that she obtained her first years of professional experience in the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Newborn Surgery of the University Teaching Hospital in Białystok, she also deals with urology and surgery for children and performs ultrasound in children of all ages - from 1 day of age to adulthood. Imaging tests also play a key role in identifying potentially correctable causes of male infertility - the doctor therefore also uses them in her andrological practice.

Agnieszka Chomicz, MD is a member of a number of scientific organizations:

  • European Urological Association (EAU)
  • European Federation of Ultrasound Associations in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB)
  • Polish Urological Association (PTU)
  • Polish Andrological Association (PTA)
  • Polish Ultrasound Association (PTU)

She speaks Polish, English and German.

She is actively involved in pro-health campaigns, i.e. Movember. She has also looked after the health of the participants of the BigBrother TV show.