_DSC2904-2What is the immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a method for modulating the immune system, used for prevention or treatment of diseases. Immunotherapy is usually used for allergies, to induce tolerance to a given allergen.

Furthermore, this method is used for treatment of autoimmunological diseases and for transplants. At the HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre immunotherapy is used for treatment of prostate cancer.


What is the purpose of immunotherapy?

The main aim of this form of treatment is to strengthen the T-cell dependent immunological response.

Who is the immunotherapy for?

Immunotherapy may be one of therapeutic options in men with castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

Additional information

Some prostate cancer Patients have a deficiency of dendritic cells, specialised immune cells which main function is to present antigens (antigen presenting cells- APCs). Effective presenting of antigens is required for a successful immunological reaction of T-cells.

Immunotherapy can be used as monotherapy, or supplement other treatment methods. Apart from the already registered medicine, Provenge®, currently many formulations for immunotherapy for prostate cancer are under clinical trials. Majority of them are in phase 2 or phase 3. However, many aspects of immunotherapy in prostate cancer Patients remain unclear, and its mechanism is not explained in detail.

A limitation experienced with formulations used so far is a relatively long time from implementation to a biochemical response. Another challenge is to determine an optimal moment for initiating immunotherapy; and increasingly earlier initiation of this therapy is implied. Specialists working at our centre supervise many clinical studies. Therefore, they can qualify Patients for participation in studies concerning immunotherapy for prostate cancer.

You can also read more about immunotherapy in our knowledge base.

How can I arrange immunotherapy?

Please contact us for consultation and confirming the need for the therapy using the free online consultation. We will gladly analyse your medical history and answer all your questions.

To arrange the treatment, please contact the Patient coordination department at: + 48 606 994 372 or by email: contact@hifuclinic.eu.

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