External beam radiotherapy

RadioterapiaWhat is external beam radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is a method for cancer treatment that can be used practically at any stage of the disease. The patient diagnosed with prostate cancer can be qualified for this treatment instead of surgical treatment.

This treatment method is sometimes used also after surgical treatment to destroy the cancer cells that were not removed (an adjuvant therapy - for positive resection margins found in histopathological examination).

Radiotherapy is also used at advanced stages of the disease to alleviate pain caused by metastases to bones.

The beginnings of modern radiotherapy reach back to the middle of the 20th century. Last 30 years have seen a robust development of radiotherapy techniques and a progress in determining area to be subjected to radiation.

Improved methods for spatial imaging, including conformal 3-D radiotherapy or intensity modulated radiotherapy, allow precise determination of areas to be targeted by radiotherapy.


What does external beam radiotherapy involve?

In radiotherapy, where high energy radiation is used, ray beams are directed from the outside directly onto the prostate.

The therapy involves short, daily (5 days a week) radiation sessions, for about 6 to 7 weeks. The patient does not have to stay at a hospital, but comes to hospital every day for each treatment session.

Delayed complications rate after radiotherapy:


  • complications from the genitourinary system affect 10.5% of patients;
  • gastrointestinal complications affect 8.1% of patients;
  • haematuria - 4% of patients
  • problems with urination - 3.5% of patients
  • rectal bleeding - 4.7% of patients
  • radiation proctitis - 1.1% of men.

About 50% of patients undergoing external beam radiotherapy suffer with erectile dysfunctions. Some men also report urinary incontinence.

How can I arrange the therapy?

Please contact us for consultation and confirming the need for the therapy using the free online consultation. We will gladly analyse your medical history and answer all your questions.

To arrange the treatment, please contact the Patient coordination department at: + 48 606 994 372 or by email: contact@hifuclinic.eu.

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