Incidence of cancer increases – PSA test may save your life

Prostate cancer can be treated as a contemporary disease of affluence – in the 1950s it was being detected in 7% of men over the age of 60, but in 2010 this percentage increased to 16%. Improved detection rate of this tumor to a large extent is connected with the availability of modern screening, which enables earlier and more efficient identification of the disease.


PSA test is a basic test for patients that are being suspected of prostate disease. Men can also use the test to monitor their health prophylactically. According to experts, encouraging the men (especially these over the age of 50) to do regular check-ups is essential. If a result of the test exceeds the norms it is still not a reason to panic. Increased PSA level may be a result of other prostate gland diseases, e.g. benign prostatic hyperplasia. Nevertheless, if PSA level exceeds acceptable standards the man should visit a urologist immediately.

Currently in Poland, in addition to PSA test, there are many other prophylactic laboratory tests available, such as molecular test 4Kscore and genetic test PCA3. . Test 4Kscore allows to predict the occurrence of aggressive prostate cancer up to 20 years in advance and genetic test PCA3 evaluates the validity of prostate gland biopsy.

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