PCA3 test

PCA3 test test is a more accurate alternative to the widely used PSA testing.
PCA3 test is a more advanced genetic test for the Prostate Cancer Gene 3, showing a very high sensitivity and specificity for prostate cancer. This test allows for non-invasive diagnosis of prostate cancer, qualification for biopsy or, evaluation of progression and aggressiveness of the disease and monitoring the treatment.

PCA3 test can be used to examine men with genetic load (e.g. sons of the patients suffering from prostate cancer). PCA3 testing include both men with elevated PSA before the first biopsy, as well as patients who are waiting for re- biopsy .

Who needs PCA3 test and when should it be done?

  • man with elevated PSA or abnormal DRE (per rectal examination) and a decision about biopsy has to be done
  • man, for whom the value of free PSA and total PSA does not indicate if biopsy is necessary
  • in the case of persistent suspicion of prostate cancer, despite a biopsy
  • for men with genetic load (when father, uncles or grandfather suffered from prostate cancer)
  • when prostate biopsy detected cancer cells and the risk of progression aggressiveness of the disease have to be predicted

How to perform PCA3 test?

The test is performed from urine. Sample is taken after prostate massage performed by a doctor during the urology consultation. The result is available in about 2 weeks.