HIFU method in Poland – modern prostate cancer treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) method. It is available for Polish patients since 2011. Since then, more than 130 patients suffering from prostate cancer underwent the HIFU treatment in Poland, of which 120 surgeries were conducted in HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre.

Every year, more and more men choose HIFU treatment. Remote results of the 15-year period show high cure rate 83-87%, low level of complications and retaining previous quality of life. HIFU treatment does not expose the patient to undergo a long and complicated surgery and prolonged recovery. The huge advantage of HIFU technology is low risk of side effects and the possibility to repeat the treatment if the disease relapses. What is more, HIFU surgery can be performed after radiotherapy , brachytherapy or prostatectomy. Fundamental advantages of HIFU procedure are:

  • HIFU causes less side effects than conventional methods
  • HIFU is not a radiotherapy – it lacks all the disadvantages associated with irradiation
  • HIFU is minimally invasive
  • HIFU does not require a long hospital stay
  • HIFU method may result in prolongation of the patient's resistance to cancer

In Poland, the first HIFU surgery was performed 4 years ago by the medical team of HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre, supervised by Marek Filipek, MD, PhD., who is the first certified operator of EDAP TMS Ablatherm HIFU equipment in Poland.

HIFU method in Poland – HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre

HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre is the only medical centre in Poland, which offers the most modern diagnostic methods, minimally invasive treatment and therapeutic procedures for the treatment of complications associated with the course of prostate cancer.

In Poland HIFU surgeries are currently executed in cooperation with one of the most modern private hospitals – the Medicover Hospital, winner of the 2015 Best International Hospital Award granted by the International Commission of Health. Cooperation with the hospital Medicover allows HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Treatment Center to provide their patients with access to hospital care that meets the highest international requirements.