Alarming statistics on prevention of prostate cancer

According to a survey conducted among 250 men in the age over 40, 65% have never had a prophylactic test for prostate cancer and 27% do not even see the need to have the test. The majority of men begin to think about having the test in the age over 60 and still only 50% decide to do it. Survey has also shown that only 12,5% of men in the age of 40-59 had the prophylactic test for prostate cancer, and barely 2% have the test every year.

The most alarming finding of this survey is that men ignore the health condition of one of the most important glands of their body. Prostate cancer can be asymptomatic for years and many men find out about it too late, when their health becomes much worse. Regular check-ups can prevent it!

Source: Rynek Zdrowia