Erectile dysfunction – diagnostic package

What is the purpose of a consultation for erectile dysfunctions?

The aim of this consultation is diagnosing causes and a type of impotence and determining a treatment plan or further diagnostics.

What does this consultation involve?

To effectively plan a therapy for erectile dysfunctions the Patient should undergo a comprehensive diagnostics tests for all possible causes for sexual disorders in this area.

Tests and consultations that a Patient should undergo before a therapy for erectile dysfunctions is started include:

  • laboratory tests (blood and urine tests);
  • blood pressure measurements;
  • blood flow measurements (Doppler ultrasound) in vessels supplying blood to the penis;
  • consultation with a urologist, urological examination;
  • consultation with a clinical psychologist-sexologist;
  • consultation with a doctor-sexologist;
  • evaluation of a general health condition

HIFU CLINIC Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre cooperate with the only Clinic for Men in Poland, VEDI Clinic located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Specialists from that medical centre developed a proprietary diagnostic algorithm covering all above components required for qualification of erectile dysfunctions treatment.

Who should attend a consultation for erectile dysfunctions?

Erectile dysfunctions (so-called problems with male sexual potency) mean a permanent inability to develop or maintain erection to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. Problems with erections affect men of various age, and often accompany common civilisation diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis or diabetes.

Erectile dysfunctions are also a common complication in men following a radical therapy for prostate cancer or a hormonal therapy.


Additional information

Many methods are currently used to treat erectile dysfunctions (impotence). We distinguish conservative treatment, surgical methods, and psychotherapy. The best possible treatment method is selected depending on a cause of the disorder, clinical picture, as well as a joint decision of a medical specialist and the Patient. In some cases, it is possible to combine pharmacotherapy with surgical procedures.

How can I arrange a consultation?

To arrange the treatment, please contact the Patient coordination department at: + 48 606 994 372 or by email:

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