Prostate multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging (PI-RADSv2.0)

MRI-1BWhat is prostate multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging?

Prostate multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging is used for routine evaluation of lymph nodes of clinical importance for the gland, and of other structures covered by the examination. A radiology specialist evaluates the scan using three basic imaging techniques for comprehensive assessment of pathological foci.

Those methods take into account morphology of this gland, the nature of water diffusion through the tissue (DWI) and parameters of the foci contrast enhancement (perfusion). The foci are then assigned a score according to the international PI-RADS scale, on a basis of images from the above sequences, marked in files and transferred to an urologist, who uses them to perform a targeted prostate biopsy.

With this method, the urologist can perform a precise biopsy of suspicious cancer foci. The specialist can then prescribe further diagnostic and treatment procedures on a basis of MRI images and detailed descriptions.

What is the purpose of this examination?

Most commonly, prostate multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging is performed as a part of the prostate cancer diagnostics, to locate abnormal foci and determine whether possible cancer lesions are limited to the gland only.

What happens during the examination?

The scan takes about 40 minutes to one hour and is completely painless. During the scan the Patient is administered an intravenous contrasting agent, of a type different than used for the computed tomography. This agent is not based on iodine but on gadolinium compounds. Gadolinium-based contrasting agents have less contraindications and are better tolerated by the Patient. Before the examination, the Patient receives a questionnaire with risk factors listed.

Who is this scan for?

Indications for prostate multiparameter magnetic resonance imaging include being qualified for a prostate biopsy.

Primary contraindications:

A history of allergic reaction to a gadolinium-based contrasting agent
eGFR below 30mL/min/1.73m2

When the Patient is aware of any contraindications for administration of gadolinium-based contrasting agent, please, inform a doctor performing the scan.

How can I arrange a scan?

Please contact us for consultation and confirming the need for the scan, using the free online consultation. We will gladly analyse your medical history and answer all your questions.

To arrange the treatment, please contact the Patient coordination department at: + 48 606 994 372 or by email:

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