Our clinic is the first Polish center for comprehensive diagnostics and modern treatment of prostate cancerThe Minimally-invasive HIFU procedure, for years selected and recognized by Patients and their families in many countries, has become a hallmark of our clinic. Simultaneously, Robotic da Vinci prostatectomies are being performed in our center alongside laparoscopic procedures, according to individual indications.

HIFU CLINIC is a European leader in the field of modern diagnostics of prostate cancer. Transperineal real-time elastic fusion prostate biopsies are performed in our Center on the newest generation Trinity platform.

HIFU CLINIC is the first and only center in this part of Europe in which the noninvasive screening 4Kscore®Test can be performed. It is the only available diagnostic tool able to accurately predict the risk of cancer development even 20 years into the future. Another cutting edge genetic urine test SelectMDx Liquid Biopsy, can be utilized to assess the necessity to perform prostate biopsy.

HIFU CLINIC experts also specialize in the insertion of penile implants. HIFU CLINIC is an international reference center for Zephyr Surgical Implants.

Our team provides comprehensive care at each stage of diagnostic, treatment and recovery, including psychological care for the Patient and his family.